Darkest Dungeon game

Darkest Dungeon game is an exciting and challenging game which is about the stresses of dungeon crawling that will truly satisfy the adventure game lovers. This game was developed and released by indie game developer Red hook studios. It is one kind of role-playing game where the player has to roster the characters to explore through twisted forests, forgotten warrens, and ruined crypts and find the dungeons and to make a fight with the creatures in it. A special feature of this game is the one that the stress level of game play increases with the exploration of new dungeons and level of the game moves on with adventures of dungeons without any lights, witnessing wounds within the party member who deployed in battle and dead etc. Once the needed characters have been built up for appropriate levels, then they will be deployed in Darkest Dungeon, where the final enemy resides. It is a game which is so compelling and rewarding in which the Escapist awarded with a score of 4 out of 5. This game has received many positive reviews, nominated for game awards and sold over million copies.