Enjoying the ecstasy of culture is one of the main objectives in the exploration of new places in tourism. Cultural attractions are enthralling parts in tourism and it is called as cultural heritage tourism, it totally depends on the cultural heritage of a particular location which engages the people in the journey of exploration through the history of people and geographical areas, art, religious ceremonies etc. Every country has some special historical trademarks and cultural advantages in which they are the must one to explore. Cultural heritage tourism is an important one for numerous reasons such as it helps to preserve the original culture of the locality, creating harmony and social impacts in the economy, and to make a friendly relationship among different kinds of people from various countries. It will ensure sustainable economic, social and cultural development combined with preservation and active enhancement of cultural resources. Historical monuments are a remarkable thing in these kinds of tours and the monuments are one kind of identity which is created to commemorate an event as a symbol of remembrance over a period of time in the history.


A dungeon is a strong underground vault or cell which is used to hold prisoners in it. They are associated with medieval castles which are used for torture of prisoners. The word dungeon is derived from the French donjon which is called as “keep”. But it is considered as an uncertain one, and both the dungeon and donjon words are thought as derived from middle Latin word “dominio”. Bottle dungeon or Oubliette is one type of dungeon which can be entered only through a hole which is in the ceiling top. The ancient use of these oubliettes has dated before 1374, but in English, its adoption is Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe in 1819. After passing years of time, the use of dungeons have changed a lot as they were not just used as prison castles, but also used for various popular uses, tortures of prisoners and they were extended. Many castles had built during the early medieval period, but they don’t have any dungeons because there was not a punishment to put the individuals imprisoned in a confined castle. Noble prisoners were not put in dungeons, and they were held in castle apartments. The Tower of London is very famous for the housing of political prisoners.

Dark experience of dungeons

There is something very scary about entering the deadly and dangerous dungeons. The eyes will scan the dark depths of history, some ghost experience of past dead prisoners who were buried alive. Most of the dungeons are underground dark caves of cells. Dungeons have a common plan of a single dark room in the underground with a gateway of a single hole from the top of the ceiling or from the bottom. These are also called as palaces of pains where they are used to punish the prisoners. They were constructed for the main purpose to exert fear among the people of punishment as being trapped in the underground. Prisoners were put inside the holes of cells which are like a hell of a life for them. They could not get out of the cell unless a rope is thrown into the hole. The dark cells will make heart halting, mind whirling and are so much eerie. These historical dungeons later became as a tourist attraction among a wide range of people around the world. The hatch of the castle consists of iron grille. Most of the chamber’s bottom is very narrow, where staying in there is a harder thing, even turning around is impossible there. Oubliette is also called as bottle dungeons. These underground cells were built even without latrines. Some alternative explanations are also there, that these kinds of cells were also used to store valuable things.

Worldwide dungeons

Dungeons are a common thing at ancient period of ruling, and there are a number of dungeons all over the world such as Switzerland’s Chillon Castle which is also called as Romantic dungeon, Warwick castle, Chillingham castle in England, Palace of inquisition in Columbia, Yorkshire’s Pontefract Castle in England, Spilberk Castle, Dracula’s Dungeon, Mamertime Prison etc. Especially England has a number of historical castles to explore. Pevensey Castle, Tintagel castle, Dover castle, Carlisle castle, Farley and Hungerford castle are all in various parts of England. London Dungeon in England is the most popular tourist attraction for the people and it is hunted by various kinds of people all over the world for its unique cultural heritage experience of shows and programs showcasing there. Thousands of people are heading towards this dungeon to experience various mysteries of history. It was established as a tourist attraction in 1974, shows the darker side of the London’s history and a home to the darker tales. The entertainments here are the funny one and at sometimes a bit scary too. These shows are based on real-time incidents of London medieval history. It’s not only about the murderers and religious things to explore in the London dungeon but also taught about the history of the plague which marauded several lives in the 17th century. It gives some blood-curdling experience for the visitors. Several video games were also released which are related to this dungeon genre, that gives a lot of thrilling, adventurous experience to the gamers.

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